Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Revival Center Prayer Tent

Need Prayer?

We are believing for miracles, healings, deliverance and a demonstration of God to the people of Paso Robles. The Revival Center Prayer Tent is already being used by God. The Prayer Tent has been pitched on the corner of Spring and 9th Street in Paso Robles. Frank Fritschel, the owner and manager of the Melody Ranch Motel, has been gracious enough to allow us to use his property for this powerful ministry. God is raising up tremendous workers to pray for those in need. Minister ReRe Taylor, Dottie Gracie, and Edie Cook are some of the first few to have served as prayer attendants. So far, we have been taking the tent out on Thursday afternoons until about four o'clock. June 3rd was our first outreach and today, June 10th, was our second. God has proved Himself awesome.

Today, the tent was pulsating with power. The presence of the Spirit of God was evident. People were driving by honking, waving, and eventually stopping saying, "Yes, I need prayer." One lady stopped and said I need prayer and just started to cry. Dottie embraced her and she told us she had just lost her husband and she needed peace. A long time friend of mine was just happening to be driving from Salinas passing through. He had called me and asked, "Can I stop by for a blessing?" He was not even aware of the tent ministry. So, we prayed and he went on his way to Nevada.

As we were chatting amongst ourselves, a man, his wife, and teenage son approached us. With tears in their eyes, they said that they needed prayer. As I inquired of the prayer need, the husband said, "My wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor yesterday." Then the wife said, "As we were praying this morning, the Lord showed me a white tent with the word 'revival' written on it." As they were driving down Spring Street, the husband exclaimed, "There is your tent!" WOW! GOD IS AWESOME ALL BY HIMSELF! We prayed the prayer of faith and I am expecting to hear the miracle of God.

Sounds to me like God is in the tent.

Stay tuned, I shall be giving you updates as to what and as to where God is performing His miracles.