Monday, March 29, 2010

Deep calls unto deep.

It is the cry of God’s heart for His children to desire a deeper experience with the Father. It is in the deep caverns of worship that we find great revelation. God the Father is revealing Himself in a new and a greater way in these last days. As we dig deeper, worship longer, and humble ourselves in His presence, we are exposed to His power. What springs out of the deep recesses of divine intimacy is a new revelation of who God really is. As we come to know the God of the Bible as Abba Father, we build a relationship where God shares with us His deepest secrets. When we are inundated with the secrets of God, the trivial things of the world fall to the wayside and they will no longer control us. When deep calls to deep, we hear the depths of brokenness and the cry of repentance. Something happens when our repentance comes in contact with the Blood of Jesus. True repentance destroys the religious practices of the institutionalized churchgoer. Repentance admits that we need God.

When we desire God more than life itself, when we are willing to surrender our feelings and quit letting Satan tempt us with offence, God will come and take center stage of our lives. God wants to take me, you, the Revival Center, and all His children into worlds unknown. Deep calls to deep and shallow calls to shallow, trivial is hungry for more trivial. Oh, that we would quit being afraid of the deep. The deep brings us to a place of abiding in His presence and it is in His presence that we can enjoy all that He is and all that He has.


Bishop Gabriel Abdelaziz

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Soul Issues

The soul is the seat of emotion, thought, passion, intellect, and choices. Man is a product of his influences and surroundings. We have been molded and formed by our choices. It is unfortunate that our soul is so under-nourished. We are attempting to be victorious out of a wounded soul. Because our soul is weak, we find it difficult to gain control over our lives. We need to know that sick can't help sick. Emptiness cannot make full. We cannot dispense out of our soul what we do not have.

The Bible tells us in 3 John 2, "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth". Our health and wealth is found in the strength of our soul. Our soul is exercised by obedience. We must make a practice of making right choices. Our choices must be filtered and screened through the Word of God. A happy soul creates a joyous life. Light in the soul dispels the darkness of this world.

How to heal your soul:
  • Make choices based on faith and not fear.
  • Do not make decisions based on your feelings. Cause your soul's emotion to be surrendered to God.
  • Want what God wants and not what you want.
  • Understand that true success and prosperity is first a soul issue before it is a material or spiritual issue.
  • Realize that soul issues are always supposed to move us closer to God.

Have a great day as you work at prospering your soul.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loving Life

Life is an incredible gift. Life was meant to be lived and not loathed; it was meant to be enjoyed and not endured. Far too many people respond when asked about life with answers like these: "Well, I am making it." "It's okay, I sure will be glad when this day is over." "Well, life is a struggle, its a battle." "I feel like Job." The list of negatives goes on and on.

We need to start seeing life as a journey of excitement believing that we have been given one opportunity after another to grow and advance. You need to know the only battle God allows you to face are the ones He expects you to win. We must set in motion the victorious thoughts of winning. Winners are never whiners. They see the opportunities and seize the moments. Winners never cheat themselves of the challenge. They are lovers of life, smile a lot, laugh a lot, they envision their success, they surround themselves with other winners. As lovers of life, they never settle for average, they hate mediocrity, they strive for the best.

Wake up each day with a mindset of "this is my day." Today is my gift from God. Prepare yourself to squeeze all the juice out of life today. Don't crawl out of bed, leap out with feet and legs of excitement. Set your opportunity clock and make every opportunity your divine appointment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Words of Mass Destruction

Beware of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). I have located a more violent WMD and more destructive force. It is a force that can rot our bones and even pierce our souls. It is Words of Mass Destruction. We have within our mouths the ability to create or destroy, to build up or tear down, to edify or demolish. The choice is yours. It is not the outside forces that may be destroying your health, peace, and tranquility. It is the words that we speak. It is the self-talk (the constant communication that you carry on with yourself). The Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. It is by the words of our mouths that we are justified or condemned. We are often the product of our own words. We are fulfilling our own prophetic word. Our days are often set in motion by some of the very first words that come out of our mouths in the morning or the words that we prophesy right before we go to sleep at night.

Consider the words that we speak regarding our spouses or our children. Quit yelling. A soft answer turns away wrath. Let kindness and consideration come from your lips. We need to learn the power of the blessing. If we need to say something about someone, it might as well be what we want to see in them. Don't reinforce their failures, draw out their greatness. Learn to speak it into existence. We must believe that we receive and we can have it. If we can control our stinking thinking, we see past our difficulties. Our words truly are the building blocks to success and prosperity. You need to know that money has never made anyone rich. Richness is born in our thought patterns, and our thoughts play out in our speech.

This is your day to start to develop a new way of talking. Change your speech and the direction of your destiny will become clearer.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How To Get Your Breakthrough

The greatness of God is magnified by the humility of men. The deeper we go in faith, the bigger God becomes. God desires to reveal Himself and He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. Our true prosperity in found in the prospered soul. Our soul is crying out to be fed. A healthy soul gives birth to healthy thought patterns, stable emotions, and a peaceful heart.

We are enriched by consuming large portions of the Word of God and walking in obedience. There is a void in every individual that is crying out for God. When that void is satisfied by the love of God, then our spirit will leap within us and cause us to function in health. God is a God of restoration. He really wants to restore health, wealth, prosperity, relationships, and all that is missing or broken. The peace and fullness of God is never found in compromise. It is imperative that we respond to the call of God, not dressed in our religious garb, but clothed in humility. Your breakthrough is as close as your surrender.

Bishop Gabe

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our First Post

This is The Revival Center's first post. As the bishop of TRC, I welcome you to both our blog as well to our Center. You can find us at or 3850 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles, California. Our music and worship is fantastic and the preaching and teaching is powerful. The Revival Center is a place of faith, fun, families, and fellowship.

This past Sunday, I spoke on "The Healing of a Damaged Society". If we could get ourselves healed, we could change our world. There is a cancerous disease chewing away at the moral fiber of our spiritual lives and our human existence. We are expecting damaged people to deliver us from our fears and perplexities of life. I submit to you that religion is not the answer, nor are our feeble attempts at being good is not the answer. There is only one way to heal the damaged soul of man and that is the surrender of one's life to God. He doesn't want your stuff, your money, your fame, or your fortune. He wants you!

Please let me hear your thoughts.