Monday, March 28, 2011

Do Not Be Shakened By Current Events

I apologize that this is the first post in a long time. I look forward to speaking revelation into your lives.

These are perilous times, but these are great times. I believe that we live in the day that we will see the return of Jesus. As we see things unfolding everyday, we can see the Scriptures coming to life. That which has been long concealed is now being unveiled. That which was mysterious, is now becoming manifested. As we read Ezekiel 37-39, we can see the Middle East and Russia being strategically placed for an end-time war against Israel. We are warned to pay close attention to the powers from the extreme north. Extreme north is Russia. Nations are congregating and plotting to come against Israel and her allies. America has always experienced blessing because America has always stood with Israel. Now, as America is leaning toward the support of the Palestinians, America is suffering today greater than it ever has.

I look at currents events and watch the cataclysmic devastation around the world. To those that have read the Word of God, these events are not surprising nor alarming. I am fully aware that earthquakes have always happened. Yet, we need to pay attention to the frequency and the intensity of the earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions (Luke 21:10-11). It is interesting that catastrophes have happened on September 11 in New York, January 11 in Haiti, and now March 11 in Japan.  The number eleven (11) in biblical understanding deals with the things of imperfection, disorganization of systems, and the disorder or chaos of things. In these last days a spirit of chaos is brewing, but be encouraged!  God has always been in authority over chaos! From the very beginning of time, God the Creator has brooded over the chaos.

These are the days that we must get closer to God. These are the days of divine return. There is a grieving as God calling is for the return of His children. Pious platitudes and sanctimonious religious worship won't work anymore. He is calling for a new and fresh relationship that is strong enough to carry you through the storm and the fire. Be comforted for God will place you under His care and protection if you are willing to trust Him.